Why I started this Blog


I figure I’d make my intentions clear, so no one goes complaining later on. I’m looking for some raw, online, sexual fun. That’s it. No strings attached stuff, with no physical contact (no meet-ups).

It turns me on just knowing you’re somewhere distant, wet, pussy throbbing and moaning for a hard fuck after chatting with me. I’ve been looking at the blog world and there are so many blogs I’m finding right now that turn me on. I’d have to highlight just one in particular, http://cumslutandsupercock.blogspot.com/, simply because it’s the essence of what I want!

A tale of distant lust between a submissive Cum Slut and her horny Master. We have been virtually fucking each other from afar since we met on-line in September 2005, and already have a well established list of what we will be doing to and with each other when we eventually meet. We chat via IM, phone sex and write each other filthy fantasies. You will see all of these here.

Well, sort of. But you get the idea by now. Heck I’d be happy to share any tales that someone who reads this Blog & I have, if they are so willing, with the rest of you! It’d turn me on even more to know you all are reading 😉

Now you know what I want, I’m blunt, honest and make no mistake I know what I want.

So as always drop me a line, or just comment.

6 Responses to “Why I started this Blog”

  1. Ahh. So now I now where you’ve found me! LOL! Glad you like some of the pictures. You really should explore some of my other blogs. Maybe the HNT collection, the Pajama party, and Devil’s stories… I think you’d enjoy them based on what I’ve read of you. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I actually did stop by your HNT collection, let’s just say they left me wanting more, lots more 😉 Thank you for dropping by!

    (woooot, My first commentor!)

  3. I love a blunt, honest and horny manthat is willing to share his dirty mind with the world. I am very honored to have been mentioned as exactly what you are looking for. I hope you stop by again soon. I know I will be back to browse your site on a regular basis.

  4. CS, I love that you came over. I’m horny 24/7, this blog is one way to keep myself from having to jerk-off over and over! It never let’s me get anything done 😉

  5. Welcum to the blogosphere! This sounds like it could get interesting!


  6. Des, thanks for dropping by, you’re getting Blogrolled!

    You bet it’s gonna get interesting, not only that, it’s gonna get hot, sweaty and very horny too 😉

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