Different women like it differently


Sure, I bet everyone is thinking “Well, duh!”. But it’s easy to know women aren’t all the same, the hard part is knowing what they like. Some will tell you, “I want it hard, always harder!”, others will just let you figure it out and be sneaky about it. Both ways work for me, the former is just great for a quick hard fuck, the latter is good for a long drawn out tease.

Long & drawn out make it even better when you finally understand what she wants, it’s like the prize for reaching the goal and it’s fucking unbelievable.

Women are dynamic though, so that makes it even harder! They may want it hard & fast now, but later it has to be a totally laid back affair with plenty of pre-sex action.

What I like

As a guy, I should love the quick and hard type of women, but I’m more drawn to the “let’s see if you can figure out what I like” type, it adds to the excitement & mystery.

How about you lot?

6 Responses to “Different women like it differently”

  1. I find myself leaning in both of these directions at different times. I do love a hard fast fuck. It makes my knees week.

  2. My goal for a woman after sex is to have her totally spent, I want her to feel completely exhausted and not left wanting more, atleast for the time being, it’d mean I did a good job.

  3. Right you are! There’s a different sexual need for every occasion, a different pace, taste, myriad of positions, roles, and even toys for every mood. And it’s the varation that I love… as well as a lover that is just as flexible. 😉


  4. Tara, yes! I hate the ‘same old’, variety is what want. I want to be able to keep you always guessing what I’m about to do next.

  5. The slow soft fuck is highly over rated!

  6. I haven’t tried it slooooooow, I like slow, to start, then really hard and fast. Or just start hard and fast!

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