A bit more about my ‘talking dirty’ discovery


It was all quite sudden, as in, one minute I’m chatting with a simple lady on IRC and the next were talking about how hard she wants me to fuck her.

OK, so it wasn’t that quick. I guess we were casually flirting, it was only the second time I talked (chatted) with her, and we were just discussing our likes and dis-likes in the opposite sex. The casual flirting led to some very interesting inuendos (I love those!) Slowly but surely, we just got into it (I’m pretty sure she’s done this before, it was my first time though) and I just forgot about everything else. I was solely concentrating on the fact that this unknown woman was getting me hard and wanting her really badly.

She was completely open with me the entire time and so was I, it was just fantastic.

A small excerpt of how it started:

* Me nibbles all over
* [Her] giggles and gropes you through your fiery pants
* Me gleefully enjoys.
* Me does some groping as well, plenty to grope about!
<[Her]> someone seems to be horny
* [Her] giggles
<[Her]> mmm, whooo could it be?
<Me> oooh are we 😛
<[Her]> whoo whooo whoooo
<Me> wonder who it could be!
* Me looks around
<[Her]> mmhmm
<[Her]> someone with some stiffness in need of massaging
<Me> oooh, with lots of this flavored oil
* Me gets in some special massaging time for you too
<[Her]> mmmhmm
* [Her] touches you here and here and especially her, squeezing and rubbing and
giggling softly
<Me> oh not here and here and here! /me overflows with glee
* Me returns the favor ten fold…
* [Her] giggles and kisses your lips softly, sliding her hand down to your thigh
to tease you
<[Her]> hmmm?
* Me loves the softness that is your lips…thoroughly enjoying it
* [Her] presses her body against yours and curls her hand around your shaft,
stroking you softly

(Yeah, I wasn’t exactly the smoothest talker when I started, I got better tho 😉 )

And so it continued for a few hours, during which time I was rock hard and quite simply amazed at how much this sort of thing could turn me on. It ended with us both having quite powerful orgasm(s), and she apparently had 3!

Later chats with her just fueled this kind of talk and it got better each time.

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